2020 Co-Presenter, JavaScript Korea Conference, South Korea

p5 for 50+: How to Include Older Adults to Coding Education? “p5 for 50+” is a 2020 Processing Foundation Fellowship project. It aims to improve the digital literacy and rights of middle-aged and older adults in South Korea — with p5.js! Addressing some age-specific needs in coding education, we prototyped a low-barrier web app forContinue reading “2020 Co-Presenter, JavaScript Korea Conference, South Korea”

2020 Project “Errmoji”

Short Description Project <Errmoji> explores a possibility of non-conforming emojis, as an attempt to include the deeper realm of facial expressions into social network system. The project started with an observation on how the diversity of our identity, emotion, senses are uni-coded into the current set of Emojis. Appropriating the efficiency and effectiveness of EmojisContinue reading “2020 Project “Errmoji””

2020 dSketch: Crowd-Sourced Interactive Sketchbook for People with Developmental Impairment

PROJECT LEAD, PLANNER, DESIGNER, DEVELOPER, EVALUATOR Sponsored by KAIST K-School dSketch is an web-based application that supports the design collaboration and production between creators with developmental impairment and creative coders. When a programmer creates a sketch based on creative coding, a creator with developmental impairment can produce a design outcome by adding an interaction onContinue reading “2020 dSketch: Crowd-Sourced Interactive Sketchbook for People with Developmental Impairment”