2020 Co-Presenter, JavaScript Korea Conference, South Korea

p5 for 50+: How to Include Older Adults to Coding Education? β€œp5 for 50+” is a 2020 Processing Foundation Fellowship project. It aims to improve the digital literacy and rights of middle-aged and older adults in South Korea β€” with p5.js! Addressing some age-specific needs in coding education, we prototyped a low-barrier web app forContinue reading “2020 Co-Presenter, JavaScript Korea Conference, South Korea”

2020 dSketch: Crowd-Sourced Interactive Sketchbook for People with Developmental Impairment

PROJECT LEAD, PLANNER, DESIGNER, DEVELOPER, EVALUATOR Sponsored by KAIST K-School dSketch is an web-based application that supports the design collaboration and production between creators with developmental impairment and creative coders. When a programmer creates a sketch based on creative coding, a creator with developmental impairment can produce a design outcome by adding an interaction onContinue reading “2020 dSketch: Crowd-Sourced Interactive Sketchbook for People with Developmental Impairment”