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👩‍💻 Open Source Contribution

Primary Domain : Accessible 3D Interfaces & Interactions for Medical XR

Roles : Team/Project Lead {UI/UX Design & Interaction Development (Unity3D), Evaluator(Qualitative), Writer(LaTex)}

2022 3rd Author, “Augmented Reality-Based Visual Cue for Guiding Central Catheter Insertion in Pediatric Oncologic Patients”, World Journal of Surgery. 📝

2021 Team Lead, “MeduX: XR-based Metaverse for Medical Training”, Metaverse Developer Contest Prize (2nd Runner-Up). 🏆

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💜 always a passion : Accessible Platforms for Collaborative & Creative Learning

Roles : Project Lead, UI/UX & Interaction Developer (Unity3D, FramerX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

2021-22  Co-Project Lead of Crypton🪐, “Crip Crib: Accessibility in Exhibition Environment.” support by Seoul Cultural Foundation Unfold X Program

2021-22  Participating in Korean translation and writing contributor’s docs for “p5.js Editor Friendly Error System (FES)” project led by Alm Chung

2020  Co-Presenter, “p5 for 50+ : How to Include Older Adults to Coding Education?”, JavaScript Conference Korea 2020 🎥

2020  Google Summer of Code-Processing Foundation project “p5 for 50+ teaching” 

2020  Processing Foundation Fellowship project “p5 for 50+” (Co-Project Lead: Seonghyeon Kim), supported by Processing Foundation 

2020  Project Lead, dSketch: Crowd-Sourced Interactive Sketchbook for People with Developmental Impairment, supported by KAIST K-School 

2017-8  Chief Curator of The Novice School, an artist-run alternative school, supported by Gyeonggi Museum of Art 

Past Research : Digital Twin-based Collaborative & Creative Experiences

Roles : Project Lead, System & UI/UX & Interaction Developer(Unity3D, Maya), Evaluator(Qualitative), Writer(LaTex)

2021 Inhwa Yeom, “Spatial authoring of virtual exhibitions using 3D visualization of the correlation among artwork metadata”, MS Dissertation

2021 Inhwa Yeom, Woontack Woo. “Digital Twin as A Mixed Reality Platform for Art Exhibition Curation”, 2021 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW). 📝

2021 Inhwa Yeom, Hyongseok Yoon, Woontack Woo. “Digital Twin Museum as a Creativity Support System for Curators (in Korean)”, in proceedings of 2021 HCI Korea. 📝

2020 2nd Author, “User Engagement via Multiple Curatorial Simulations on Virtual Museums (in Korean)”, in proceedings of 2020 HCI Korea. 📝


Towards Accessible & Creative Learning

👩‍🏫 Workshops & Lectures | 🏫 Alt School Program | 🧙‍♀️ Reviewer & Advisor

2022 Invited Lecturer, XYZ를 위한 크리에이티브 미디어 Creative Media for XYZ, Generation X Lab 456

2021 Invited Presenter, 다시 기술하는 가상현실 기술 Re-Realizing the Virtual Realities, 《도넛을 휘감아 돌아 How the Donut Twirls》, Insa Art Space, Seoul

2021 Lead Lecturer, 50+ 코딩클럽 (50+ Coding Club) workshop series, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

2021 Planner & Lecturer, 💌 메타버스로의 초대장: 코딩으로 열어가는 우리의 우주 (An Invitation to Metaverse: Opening Our Universe with p5.js Coding), DDP Children’s Workshop Series, Planned with Seoul Design Foundation & Remark Press, @ DDP, Seoul

2021 Invited Lecturer, Metaverse and the Market Business, KAIST

2021 Invited Lecturer, p5.js-based Creative Coding & 3D Art, Hollywood(Horanggasinamu) Creative Studio, Gwangju

2021 Organizer, 2021 Processing Community Day Seoul: Meta-Seoul Gathering 👽

2021 Invited Lecturer, p5.js Workshop Series: Coding Art Club, LKH Art Museum, Gwangju

2021 Invited Lecturer, p5.js Workshop Series: Metaverse and 3D Art, LKH Art Museum, Gwangju

2021 Invited Lecturer, “What is Metaverse : A Case-Study Workshop for ZEPETO“, Gyeonggi Volunteer Center(GGVC)

2021 Invited Lecturer, Creative Media Art Workshop, Tongyeong Triennale Pre-Exhibition

2021 Invited Lecturer, 메타버스+AI 크리에이터 (Metaverse+AI Creator) Series, KAIST & Naver Z & more

2021 Invited Lecturer, ACC Teen Art Lab : Creative Coding with p5.js @ Asia Culture Center (ACC)

2021 Invited Lecturer, “Arts Curators in Twinning: AR/VR for Exhibition Curation“. Korea National University of Cultural Heritage

2020 Lead Lecturer, ACC Open Academy 50+코딩클럽: 오손도손 내인생 첫코딩 아트 (50+ Coding Club: My Very First Coding Art with Handy🖐 and Family👩‍👧‍👦) Workshop @ Asia Culture Center(ACC) Supported by Asia Culture Center (ACC), organized by LKH Art Museum

2020  Advisor, 5G Remote Live-Share Performances Technology Organization Committee (Interaction Techniques Subcommittee), Institute of Advanced Convergence Technology, Kyungpook National University

2019 Project Lead, “Media Art Workshop for Artists”, with Arts Council Korea Sponsored & Supported by Arts Council Korea

2019 Special Assistant, ZERO1 American Arts Incubator (AAI) Workshops “Smarter Home”m Project Lead: Lauren McCarthy Assistantship in translation, artwork production, video production

2018 Chief Curator & Organizer, ‘Road Classes’ Workshops of The Novice School🏫 Supported by University of Seoul Sponsored by Gyeonggi Province, Gyeonggi Museum of Art

2018 Co-Curator & Organizer, ‘Yeji-ryeok x Bidulgi Production: Cross-Pollinated Camera Lenses” Workshop, supported by Seoul Museum of Art

& Performance

☸️ 3D Performative Apparatus-Environment (as in Interactive Video-Game & Installation)
👥 Curatorial Activities | 📝 Art History Paper | 👩‍🔧 Technician

2021 Participating Artist, <Thriving Essentials>, 3D Performative Apparatus-Environment, Artience Daejeon 2021 in collaboration with KRIBB 🧫🧪🧬

2021 WebVR Artist & Technician, <Simulation> by L’Illusion (Director: Taehong Lim)

2021 Participating Artist, <Drop Frame: Abstract Composition #17892>, 《KARTZ: Art Shapes the Future》 Curated by Nod·al (Sukyung Hwang & Yoonjeong Koh), Hosted by Art Token Global

2021 AR Technician, 《Spiraling into the slippery edges of a hole》 (Director & Artist: Inyoung Yeo)

2021 Participating Artist & Finalist, 2021 Ars Electronica Festival .ART Gallery,

2021 Participating Artist, <This is Not A Game>, UNESCO Creative Cities Policy Forum

2021 게임과 예술: 환상의 전조 (Game & Art : Auguries of Fantasy)》, Daejeon Art Center, Daejeon Museum of Art

2021 Spokane Interactive Art Laboratory Residency 2021-Spring, Washington, USA-remote

2021 Participated as Digital Twin Technologist & Researcher of <A-Museum : WebVR-based Interactive Viewers for Digital Twin Museum>, Hee Young Kim’s 《AR Meta-Four Seasons》, KAIST Academic Cultural Complex, Daejeon & Digital Twin

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