2019 “AR Shopping System for Wheelchair Users”

In this project, the researchers aim to provide an augmented shopping system and accessible interaction designs for enhanching the inclusion of wheelchair users into the public environment. Addressing the fact that, in most cases, public facilities including brick-and-mortar shopping venues are constructed based on the standards of the non-physically-challenged; the researchers present AR-based shopping system prototype that leverages AR interfaceand image recognition techniques to offer an augmented shopping experience to wheelchair users. The prototype allows wheelchair users to have same shopping experience as compared to non-motor impaired by constructing augmented reality within offline store. Wheelchair users wear AR glasses (i.e. Hololens 1) during shopping.W hen user input is requested, the prototype infers product information in front of user and renders real product as 3D object.

πŸ₯ˆ This project was awarded Silver Prize from SK Creative Challenge 2019 supported by SK Telecom, SK HCI-UX Lab, SK AI Center

Researcher: Cholmin Kang (stevekang@kaist.ac.kr), Inhwa Yeom(yinhwa@kaist.ac.kr)
Primary Advisor: Professor Woontack Woo (wwoo@kaist.ac.kr)

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