2022 Chandra X, 마믅소리(MMSR), Boan1942

Chandra X, 3D Performative Apparatus-Environment(XR based on interoperable AR/VR, PC, projector, keyboard, mouse), video-installation

Pondering the notion of “convergence” as a socio-political phenomenon, Inhwa Yeom, a media artist and XR researcher, depicts in Chandra a digital labor landscape in the 3D environment. It’s a place and a state, where the boundary between the intention and unintentional visual cognition is neutralized; where the authorities and powers overlap. The work is also a participatory performance, where audiences are invited to play its performative elements. In their own performance, audiences would also experience a sense of both the connection and connection turbulence. 

Inhwa Yeom calls <Chandra X>’s medium “3D Performative Apparatus-Environment”. The current version of the apparatus-environment is implemented as an “extended reality”, where web-based virtual reality and augmented reality are interconnected and interoperate. Audiences can connect and intervene in each other’s experiences in real-time, across the heterogeneous realities in heterogeneous device network environments; give and receive interaction and feedback on their performative behaviors.

The virtual reality artwork projected on the wall at the entrance of the exhibition hall can be operated with the arrow keyboard and mouse. Chandra X may operate in synchronization with the movement and gaze of those who have already accessed this apparatus-environment. Touching some augmented nova objects on the screen of AR-based assistive devices at the exhibition, the VR projection generates certain feedback. The AR-based assistive devices function as an “augmented performative apparatus” that lets audiences to connect and intervene in the work. ■ Su Kyung Hwang (Director of Space illi, Independent Curator)


기획 Curatorial Collective : 크립톤 Crypton
총괄 기획 Director-in-Chief : 황수경 Sukyung Hwang
공동 기획 Co-Director : 정민주 Minju Jeong
기술 기획 Tech Director : 염인화 Inhwa Yeom
참여 작가 Artists: 오민수 Minsu Oh, 염인화 Inhwa Yeom

전시 비평 Exhibition Critic & Preface : 정일주 Jung iljoo
수어 해설 Sign Language Interpreter : 해랑 Haerang
수어 해설 영상 촬영 Video Recording & Editing of Sign Language Interpretation
: 채병연 Byungyeon Chae, 엄윤상 Eyunsang Eom
그래픽 디자인 Graphic Design : 신상아 Sangah Shin
전시 전경 촬영 Exhibition Photography: 양승욱 Seungwook Yang
음향 및 전시 설치 Sound & Exhibition Installation : 서민우 Min Woo Seo
전시 설치 Exhibition Installation : 정진욱 Jinwoo Jung

  • 일시 Date : 2022. 03. 08 – 03. 27
  • 장소 Venue : 아트스페이스 보안 2 (신관 B1) ARTSPACE BOAN 2 (B1)
  • 운영시간 Opening Hours : 12:00 – 18:00 PM
  • 휴관 Closing Days : Every Monday
  • 입장료 무료 Admission Free

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