For those visiting my portfolio website, please kindly understand that I was going to re-new it just as soon as I could, and yet I figured I can only have it completed by the end of this year… since I literally have no timeπŸ˜…

Just to briefly share what I have been working on this year:

[Academic Researches]

interest: remote collaboration in asymmetrical AR-VR environment, HCI, accessibility, UI/UX

  1. 2019-current. Digital Twin Museum as A Platform for Virtual and Augmented Curation
  2. 2019-current. Wearable AR shopping system for Elderly Wheelchair Users
  3. 2020.03-06. Web-Based Interactive Sketchbook System as A Collaborative Design and Education Tool for People with Developmental Impairment


  1. 2020 Processing Foundation Fellowship “p5 for 50+”
  2. 2020 Google Summer of Code-Processing Foundation “p5 for 50+ teaching”


[coming soon] “p5 for 50+” workshop in Asia Culture Center(ACC), Gwangju


<After Chandra>, computational drawing in digital print,γ€ŠGenerative Image》, PlaceMak, Seoul