2020 dSketch: Crowd-Sourced Interactive Sketchbook for People with Developmental Impairment


Sponsored by KAIST K-School

dSketch is an web-based application that supports the design collaboration and production between creators with developmental impairment and creative coders. When a programmer creates a sketch based on creative coding, a creator with developmental impairment can produce a design outcome by adding an interaction on the sketch. In the process, the creators with developmental impairment can explore various input and output values such as touch, keyboard and voice, that are supported by p5.js.

dSketch, in other words, can become a sketchbook, or a musical instrument, and or a game machine, depending on how the creators want to use them. In proposing the system, I aimed to enhance the financial, physical, and psychological accessibility to sensory education and creation of people with developmental impairment, as well as to support their economic activities.

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